Are you having trouble sending quotes to students from different nationalities?

Are you having trouble sending quotes

Imagine that you are running a student agency in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland or any other country where students from different nationalities are able to extend their visas by purchasing another course.

If you’ve never experienced working in an environment like this, let me tell you, I can get really busy!

In a moment you are quoting a Brazilian student, one minute later you are helping a Chinese, when you turn your back around there is a Colombian waiting for you, that has actually brought his friend from India, that also wants to get information about the school he is planning to enroll.

But that’s ok, coincidently everybody is here because they heard about a special promotion at BEST SCHOOL IN TOWN (fictitious). Even better, everyone is willing to take the same course. Well, you think to yourself, that it is going to be the easiest group of students I have ever helped! Right?

Unfortunately not. Do you know why? Because BEST SCHOOL IN TOWN created SPECIAL RATES divided by nationalities. Even though they are taking the same course at the same school, you need to be ready to quote everyone individually.

If you are a student reading this article and you didn’t know about this, don’t get frustrated. Remember that you bragged all your Facebook friends that you have just meet people form 10 different nationalities in your classroom? That’s why! The only way to keep a perfect mix of nationalities in thousands of classrooms around hundreds of school across the Country is by changing the tuition fees constantly.

But lets go back to our busy day in the office. How can you manage this situation? It’s simple, you have to be prepared in advance and the only reliable solution, it’s a smart software.

With Sellead, the online management system for agents and schools with big ambitions, the pain and frustrations of tracing deals with e-mails and spreadsheets is gone forever!

Sellead was build by sales people, for sales people, to help selling international travel education and other related products. Try it out today at


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