Back Office for your School or online Education Agency

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What is the definition of back-office?

In general, the backoffice provides the required documentation and technical support to the front office to facilitate the course of work and the business transactions. People in the backoffice perform processing and data management tasks on projects handled by the front office such as keeping accounts, maintaining the database of courses up-to-date, records and checking regulatory compliance.

In some companies, the backoffice is also specialized to the offering of accounting and finance services as well as settlements, clearances and IT services. Although the backoffice is not facing the customers, it is the backbone of the company as it handles several functions that are important for the best representation of the organization to the customers by the front office.

Your International School or Education Agency can also develop the frontend (a website, like this for example) integrated with a back-office specialized in international education such as Ally, to let your students quote and enroll online. Ally also provides CRM, Sales Pipelines, Marketing and Financials tools to help you manage your operations. For Agencies located in Brazil, there is also a payment solution tool where Agencies can issue payslips (boletos) and send online credit card payment requests for students.   

You can also save tons of money trying to validate your Startup in the International Education Industry by using this technology. It is extremely easy to install.  

Would you like to power up your Schools with management tools or start an Online Education Agency or validate an idea in the International Education Industry? We offer the technology and API of integration for you. Contact us today!