Create your own Schools and Courses on Sellead


Now you can create your own Schools and Courses on Sellead. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how.

Step 1.

Go to Menu > Schools and Courses > +Manage my own School

Step 1 - School List

Step 2.

Add the School and Upload one logo

Step 2 - School Add

Add the Campus > City > Currency > Website

Step 2 - School Add2



Add Course

Step 3 - Add Course


Course Name > Choose value start date > Choose value end date

Step 3 - Add Course2

Step 4.

Add values > Choose Group > Duration type > Add values


*Always follow the instructions

  • Enrol is always fixed
  • Duration of tuition can be per day, month, year and etc..
  • Material can be fixed or per day, month, year and etc…

**To create packages, first you need to create one School and at least one Campus