The financial nightmare procedures of an International Education Agency

The financial nightmare procedures of an International Education Agency

What do you think if we turn your financial accountability and management into a simple day-to-day task?

When you started your education agency, you used to be a multi-task person, right?

You have fist invested in a website, contacted lots of schools around the world, travel companies and many suppliers to start operating.

Then you could prepare your spreadsheets and send all the proposals (quotes) yourself, negotiate with your clients (leads), make some arrangements, sell the course, the flight ticket, health insurance, transfers, issue the invoices, receive the payments, pay the suppliers, communicate your accountant, generate a report by the end of the month, organize the payroll, know exactly how much profit you made, pay taxes and bingo! You could do a 10 people’s job and probably “saved” a lot of money.

It’s a nightmare, if you could and still can easily do it, awesome!! No doubt about it. But let me ask you a few things:

  • Can you do it 10 times in a month? What about 50?
  • How much would you like it to grow this year? Did you actually thought about it, realistically?
  • Who is planning strategies to achieve this growth? Did you set targets for the next 12 months?
  • Who is handling complains? Solving usual operational problems?
  • Who is taking care of your adwords, marketing campaigns and social medias when you are so busy running every department of your agency by yourself?

You know the answer right, it should be YOU and your TEAM.

But why don’t you use an online management system to do all of that? Well, it’s not actually your fault, it didn’t exist, UNITIL NOW!

Sellead is an online management system for agents and schools around the globe, build by sales people, for sales people, to help selling international travel education, organize your financials and marketing campaigns, in just one place.

Check is out today at!


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