Seven Sellead Habits to Boost Your Productivity in 2017

Seven Sellead Habits to Boost Your Productivity in 2017

You may be acquainted with Sellead and how it helps hundreds of agents around the world organize their sales processes.

You may have even uploaded contacts, downloaded schools price lists, created opportunities or won a few deals already; if so, you’re already doing well, but chances are you could be doing better if you knew more about Sellead’s many valuable features.

Make a habit of using these seven key features and you’ll see great results in no time:

  1. Customize your follow up pipeline – automate Sellead, streamline everything
  2. Create emails templates – email smart, fast and at scale
  3. Add tasks and notes on Lead´s profile – stay on top of all your deals
  4. Filters or List view – categorize, segment and target your leads
  5. Add visa, health insurance, flight info and social media — your way to even more free time
  6. Multi office (bulk) currency exchange rate – be busy and great at it
  7. Create payment plans – make projections and hit your revenue goals (coming soon)

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