My education agency in growing. Should I build my own CRM?

My education agency in growing. Should I build my own CRM? crm sellead

The good news for medium and small size agencies and the beauty of technology in 2016 is that the cost of acquiring new technologies has gone down dramatically in the last few years.

Big size agencies usually have the resources and the human capital to develop the technology on its own, or buy the best technology available and customize it to their unique needs.

However, there is an equalizer now. Sellead is perhaps the newest player to have entered the agent software management market and it is by far the most advanced. Sellead is a technology designed by experienced professionals of the industry as a solution to help agents in every single step of the sales process, in just one place.

Technology is probably one of the most underused weapons education agencies use to increase their productivity and sales. But why? Maybe because technology changes so fast and often that leaves us with a lot of questions and doubts into what to implement and if we are doing the right thing.

The international education sector is breaking records and your agency should be growing fast. Our resources have shown that some agencies are in fact growing so fast that they are not even able to keep up with so many prospects at once. Some have started to expand by franchising. A few are opening their own branches in another location. There are also those contacting sales rep in another countries to promote their products.

If you relate to any of those circumstances or if you just want to connect with your leads in a more efficient and smarter way taking advantage of technology…Well, if that’s the case, you need a CRM + a Financial Management System (ERP).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an online software with no installation fee but just a small monthly subscription?

You just did!

By the way…

Can you find a CRM where you can download the entire price list of a partner with one click?

Can you find a CRM where you can customize special rates and promotions for a group of students?

Can you find a CRM that is also an ERP (financial)?

We don’t think so…

As a web-based system, agents log into their Sellead account wherever they have internet connectivity and there are three different permission levels (admin, manager, consultant) with variances in accessibility. The system manages students (leads), partner schools, accommodation providers, health insurance providers and much more, creating dynamic quotes – all online!


It also enables agencies to collaborate with their team regardless of location. Although geared more towards agencies at the moment, Sellead is continuing to build support features to make it more robust for Schools. In fact, updates and features are rolled out on an almost biweekly basis and we will soon see a streamlining enrolment process happening.

Would you like to schedule a demo and take a look at the technology that is shaping big changes in the International Education sector? Please, go to and take advantage of the opportunities ahead. Grow fast, grow smart with us.

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