Do you have an ’empty’ platform to manage your students and partner schools?

Do you have an empty platform to manage your students and partner schools?

It is a common mistake in times of desperate needs, signing up for something thinking that it’s going to solve all of your problems, without knowing exactly what you are putting your business through.

Imagine that:

  • Yeh, look this Ferrari, it’s breathtaking, take it…but wait, you just need to build the engine yourself ok. By the way, to use the car frame you should pay us a monthly fee.

If you were rushing around from here to there looking for a Ferrari, you just found one. How long will it take to realize that you can’t do much without the engine, or, that it is expensive to build one?

We know exactly what’s necessary to run a business such as an Education Agency or a School. We have been there for more than 10 years.

You need to be able to have your LEADS organized and most importantly, to be able to DOWNLOAD the PRICE LIST of your partners to start sending quotes ASAP. That’s how you speed up your Business!

It’s not a dream coming true. It’s SELLEAD.

Sellead is an Education Management Information System for Agencies and Schools, that simplifies selling learning products, providing your business the necessary tools to engage with students and agents intelligently.

Selling international travel education has never been easier

“Let the technology do the hard work. You can do a lot more with less

If your company is big or small, we offer a range of plans to suit your needs. Start using SELLEAD today and transform your business.


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