How to Evaluate Your Agency Partner’s Performance


The average agency-school relationship lasts less than three years. Agency “breakups” generally happen when an education agency fails to:

•    communicate,
•    respond,
•    understand,
•    or provide results. 


However, despite these undesirable actions, sometimes Schools stay with an under-performing agency. This is because making an agreement with a new agency is a labor-intensive (and sometimes costly) process that involves countless pitches and endless planning.

The signs of a strong agency partnership include:


•    Trust – The School can trust that their agency will uphold all agreements and meet expectations.
•    Capability – The agency partner has the capabilities necessary to execute the client’s demands, as well as the expertise to drive the marketing strategy.
•    Collaboration – The agency works as an extension of the School.
•    Communication – The agency knows how to communicate effectively and consistently to provide the most valuable marketing strategy.
In order to evaluate the overall value of the partnership, it is important for Schools to conduct periodic performance assessments with each of their agency partners. That’s one of the reasons why Ally developed the reports on the dashboard, to create a comprehensive Agency Evaluation.


On Ally you can check your connections and the number of quotes that every partner Agency sends day by day.

This is included on the promote module and it is totally free. 

Remember, Ally is not just a quotation tool…

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