7 Reasons why you should use Automations


Process automation is a structural optimization strategy for an agency or international school. It can be used on several fronts and ensures that working methods become easier, reducing the need for manual tasks.

The automation technique is part of the management of business processes and basically consists on the use of technology and the integration of systems and data to improve work flow and control.

In this article, you will learn about the main benefits of process automation for your agency, with examples of how this strategy can improve the results of your business.

Why does automating processes help the company?

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1. Facilitates access to information

The first reason why automating processes should be a priority for the company is that it promotes easy access to information. This is one of the great challenges for corporations these days, especially with the high competitiveness of a market that works full time (non-stop).

Another benefit of process automation is that it allows the company to replace manual activities with specific software. With this change, all information is centralized in one place and available to all sectors of the agency.

In this way, the data can be consulted at any time, which prevents one sector from becoming dependent on another, or even that the collection of certain information is linked to a specific employee.

Thus, automation allows easier information consultation, reducing errors and problems related to communication failures.

2. Cost reduction

Reducing costs is a permanent goal in any company, mainly due to the high costs of maintaining a business and the inconstant uncertainty that we find in the economy nowadays with the pandemic context. Now you may be wondering, but why will automating processes save me money?

Process automation is an excellent tool for cost reduction, because it promotes rational processes that reduce the occurrence of errors, consequently generating significant savings for the business.

Good automation of tasks is capable of mapping all company processes, identifying inefficiencies and waste and allowing corrections to be made to improve business results.


increasing management efficiency


3. Enables safe and effective management

Automation brings greater transparency and rationalization to processes. With organized and centralized information, managers are able to have a broader view of the organization’s functioning and this justifies why automating processes is so important.

From this perspective, it is easier to understand the processes and develop plans in line with the reality and long-term business objectives.

With more informed decisions, the agency gains a safer and more effective management, which impacts on aspects such as: Costs, Market, Competition and Customer Experience.

4. Optimize time

With the implementation of automation software, the time to perform tasks is considerably reduced and some activities, which were previously performed by professionals, can be easily replaced by the system.

A clear example is reporting. Without automation, it is necessary to ask a collaborator to assemble the report. This employee must collect information from different places and prepare the document. This takes time and is linked to possible errors, as the information is not entirely secure.

Therefore, one of the benefits of process automation is that it is possible to issue reports instantly. Freeing the employee from this task and ensuring greater accuracy in the information collected.

One other benefit is related to follow up, with automations you will have the system creating tasks, sending notifications, emails and showing you which leads you should worry about.

This action improves the flow of tasks and allows employees to direct their activities towards more strategic actions, focused on business growth.

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increase productivity


5. Increase productivity

As a result of time optimization, the agency also gains in productivity. This is because tasks that used to be manual are now automated and employees have more free time to dedicate themselves to other activities within the company.

Repetitive tasks that can be easily automated, such as financial automation, must be directed to specific systems, while employees must be directed to more challenging and strategic activities.

Increased productivity is a factor that brings several indirect benefits to the business such as:

time optimization,
employee satisfaction,
improvement in results,
management efficiency.

6. Allows task standardization

Another highly relevant factor identified in the automation of processes is that it allows the standardization of tasks much more clearly.

Agencies that adopt manual processes are also able to standardize their tasks, and then you can ask yourself: why automate processes then and spend on it?

The point is that they are linked to people and there may be discrepancies in execution, failures and inconsistencies, thus undermining the concept of maintaining a formal and exclusive standard.

On the other hand, in automated processes, standardization works very well, eliminating the risk of errors occurring. The human error factor is significantly reduced and the results are seen more clearly.

7. Increases competitiveness

Finally, automated, streamlined and properly organized processes allow the improvement of the company. This is because automating processes makes it easier for managers to make changes to processes, streamline certain sectors and incorporate new technologies.

This adds to the business a cycle of constant evaluation and the possibility of improvement. In addition to bringing higher quality to the customers served, the company stands out in the market, increasing its profits and standing out in the face of its competition.

Automation is a strategy that can be adopted in several areas of the company, bringing excellent results in any one of them. Companies that operate in the online segment have invested in the automation of financial management, since with it it is possible to guarantee more security, assertiveness and control of payments and receipts.

Investing in automation is thinking about the future and investing in the healthy and efficient growth of your business. Do you want to adopt process automation in your enterprise?

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