Hard to find reliable Agents?

Hard to find reliable Agents

What if you could find them and make them more productive?

Now and then we hear about an Agency that has closed its doors due to lack of management. The latest case reported at the Pie News this week was severest, the Swiss education agency Yalea has ceased after many years of operation. No one would have suspected that it could happen so suddenly, leaving debts to language schools, partners and students, according to multiple industry sources.


It´s extremely difficult for International Institutions to go through the references of a new Agency before start accepting enrolments from them. It´s very time consuming and frequently they end up relying on someone´s word to approve the partnership.


This is just one of many benefits provided by a Marketplace Platform, establishing trust between the two Partners.


With access to a list of Agencies from different locations around the world, Schools can verify the Agency profile, see feedbacks from the Industry and promote itself in a trustworthy environment. Schools can also decide whether accepting or not a new Agency, publish price lists and special promotions segmented by nationality, everything online in real time.


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