Sellead is now Ally


Understand why and how our name change happened

Words have power. Depending on what you are talking about, you can arouse different types of feelings for the listener. What about the names then? They carry with them a phonetic and visual representation of the brand. Choosing a name is a great responsibility for a company, it should be easy to remember, a reflection of company activities and values.

When we chose the name Sellead, we had in mind to turn our customers into “sales leaders”, providing tools to leverage their work. However, during these two years, we were up against some situations similar to this:

– Sellead, good afternoon.

– Hi! Do you sell leads?

In addition to this confusion, over time we also realized that the association of Sellead with the international exchange and education market was very distant. This name therefore did not play two of the important roles that a name has: to relate to the activities of the company and to reflect our values.

This process started internally, afterall companies are made of people and we needed the individuality of each one to be evident in our brand. We began to redesign our work environment, reflecting on our motivation to do what we do best. The process started listening to our employees, we asked them to help us to define our values. With everyone aligned around the same goal and with those values in mind, it was easier to define what we wanted for the company and how we would like to position ourselves.




Beauty! We already had an idea of what we wanted for our company internally and externally, we were just missing a name to communicate it all. With the help of Juliana Samson, an incredible designer, we have been able to converge our ideas into a name. Ally!

It fit perfectly into the relationship with our activities and the representation of our values. After all, we are a hub that facilitates the connection of different cultures, people and markets. An ally is one who understands his or hers problems, embraces them as their own, and supports the achievement of a shared goal.

Being an ally on the international education industry is something that motivates us a lot. It is incredible for us to think that we are stimulating more and more people to live an international experience. We believe that education, experiencing the new and knowledge of other cultures are fundamental for the development of the human being. We want not only to make this possible, we want to make it accessible to everyone. This is our dream!

Connect with the world, become an Ally!