Passing on important information of your School to your Agents around the world. It shouldn’t be a hassle at all!

Passing on important information of your School to your Agents around the world. It shouldn’t be a hassle at all!

If you work in the International Education industry, you know that one of the biggest challenges that every School faces today it’s to pass on important information to every representative around the world.

If you can afford it….

  • you may choose to divide your marketing staff by regions and send them overseas to train everyone individually!

If you have the time…

  • you can Skype everyone once in a while to let them know about important changes!

If you narrow down…

  • you can choose just a few to represent your institution!

If you have high hopes….

  • you can build an online platform, where agents have their own login and password to download training materials, price lists, pictures and every single marketing material as possible!

There are actually many possibilities and some of them are very effective, no doubt about it. But, don’t you think it’s time to take advantage of the technology we have today?

What if you could just simply use the same online management system to run both businesses? If you have something important to say, you could only upload it into the system and let everybody knows with a click of button.

Stop just for a moment to think about it. It could be the next social media/Saas designed by experienced professionals of the industry, to professionals of the industry, as a solution to help agents and schools in every single step of the sales process, in just one place.

Sellead is an Education Management Information System for Agencies and Schools, that simplifies selling learning products, providing your business the necessary tools to engage with students and agents intelligently.

“Let the technology do the hard work. You can do a lot more with less

Main features:

  • Connect with your leads in a smarter way
  • Seamlessly collaborate with your entire team, from anywhere.
  • Manage additional offices if you have more than one location.
  • Easily assign students between team members.
  • Safe data storage
  • Prices & Promotions updated daily
  • Find and compare information faster
  • Real-Time Currency Exchange Rates
  • Quote students and invoices partners
  • Keep your financials organized
  • Automate reminders
  • Upload documents
  • Reduce training time
  • Increase revenue

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