Sellead´s 3 options of Schools Price Lists!



We have the biggest school database with up to date prices available in the market. There is no question about it. The Sellead system is the only student management system of the industry connecting global education partners under one single platform. We were born uploading data into the platform and we can run a data analysis faster than anyone else.

If that wasn´t enough, we now offering 3 options to keep your database as clean and accurate than ever.


1 – Download from our data base and validate

With this option, you can simply add a demand and download the entire price list of courses, accommodations and extra fees of a school to your own database.

After downloading, you are going to be able to:

  • Change values
  • Validate
  • Change individual commissions


School List — Sellead (1)


2 – Clone from our database

When you clone a school to your own database, we are going to flag that school as `my school´.

Because now the school belongs to you, you can:

  • Change values
  • Validate
  • Change individual commissions
  • Change the name of the school
  • Change the name of courses, accommodations and fees
  • Edit due dates of price lists
  • Edit banners, pictures and description.


School List — Sellead


3 – Create your own school and courses

If you create a school from the scratch, you can do pretty much anything with it. ?


Simple as it sounds!

We hope you enjoy it!