Visa renewal organization process

Visa renewal organization process


If you work on an Education Agency and you are helping someone to continue their studies, there are lots of options to choose from his/her further education – and most of the time, students don’t even have to leave the country.


Whether they opt for a short course, to study another degree, take on a Master’s, or complete a PhD, students can apply for an extension of their student visa from within the Country. Some examples of Countries with similar procedures are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, USA and many others.


In any case, the Educational Consultant has a lot to do in terms of admin jobs and a good CRM Software can help a lot, specially when if offers some reminders and automations.




Once they’ve decided which field of study they’re interested in pursuing further, you will need to research institutions and their offerings. That´s is just the begging of the processe. Sending a quote and finding the best suitable course for your client.




Lets suppose you are using a powerful quotation tool and found the course your client was looking for. Now you must define important dates:

  • Course start dates
  • Breaks (between terms, semesters…)


This is the first reminder you should have on your agenda. It can determine if the student will or will not be eligible for a new visa and can also help you in the future. They might keep renewing their visa after all.




That´s great. Now they now what and when they will study further. It is time to create the payment plan and invoices. Wouldn´t it be great if it was already set together with your quote? This is only possible when you use a platform that offers integrations between your quotation tool and the financial system.


Lets continue, we are just starting!




Before you apply to renew your client´s visa, you’ll need to collect all the relevant documents. For most students, this will include a new Confirmation of Enrolment letter from the educational institution where they will be completing their further studies. In same cases, an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy that covers them until the expiry date of their new student visa, a passport, a statement to satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria, and evidence of financial resources to support their stay in the Country.


Wow, how many new reminders were there? At least 4!




The Department of that specific Country normally sends them an acknowledgement letter along with your copy of the bridging visa via email soon after they apply. They’ll also need to check the Health Assessment tab – in some cases, and their email address regularly to make sure no additional health checks or documentation will be required during the processing time.


If the visa is granted, they will receive a confirmation – that you also need to keep track – and they’ll be all set to start their next study adventure Overseas!


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